Dr Ben Mearns

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    Dr Ben Mearns

    Clinical Lead for Acute & Elderly Medicine

    East Surrey Hospital

Dr Mearns moved from Liverpool to London in 1993 to attend St. George’s Hospital Medical School in London. He graduated in 1999 with a distinction in Medicine and then trained in general internal medicine and medicine for the elderly throughout the South West London region.

He has worked at St. George’s, Mayday, St. Helier and East Surrey Hospitals and became a Consultant Physician in 2007 specializing in Acute Medicine and Medicine for the Elderly.

Dr Mearns was appointed as the Clinical Lead for Acute & Elderly Medicine at East Surrey Hospital in 2012 and leads the Departments of Acute & Elderly Medicine.

He provides emergency medical care for patients presenting to East Surrey Hospital through the Emergency Department or referred through their GPs. He also cares for medical inpatients on the Acute Medical Unit, Brockham and Buckland ward. He works with the stroke team to provide a TIA clinic and acute stroke care.