Dr Elizabeth Fisher

Liz joined the Nuffield Trust in May 2012 and is the Trust’s lead for the Children and Young People’s programme.

During her time at the Nuffield Trust she has worked on a variety of projects and topic areas including international comparisons, public health, service evaluations, projects that employ new ways to use data, submissions by the Trust to the Health Select Committee and responsive commentary.

As the previous lead for the Trust’s QualityWatch programme Liz was responsible for developing and maintaining the list of indicators to track the quality of health and social care within the England and the UK over time, providing annual summaries on the state of care quality, monitoring the NHS response to winter pressures and developing focussed research projects on quality.

Before joining the Nuffield Trust Liz worked at the Care Quality Commission (and previously the Healthcare Commission) where she worked on the development and continued production of intelligence tools to help target regulatory inspection activity and support regulatory judgements.

Liz graduated with a first class degree in Pharmacology and has a PhD in Cell Physiology and Pharmacology, which included a year’s work placement at the pharmaceutical company Novartis.