Lucia Kossarova


Lucia Kossarova

Senior Research Analyst

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Lucia joined the Nuffield Trust in April 2014 and is involved in quality of care, child health and international comparisons projects. She has over 10 years of experience in international health policy and health systems research and analysis.

She joined from the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), where she had been a Teaching Fellow. While at LSE she was teaching on different MSc courses (Cost-Effectiveness Analysis in Health Care, Financing Health Care and Measuring Health System Performance), worked as a researcher on different EU funded projects, and as Assistant Editor for Eurohealth.

Prior to that, Lucia worked in the Quality Team at the Health, Nutrition and Population unit of the World Bank in Washington DC. She also worked as senior consultant at a private health care consulting company involved in health system reform and HIV/AIDS projects in Central Asia, Eastern Europe and Central America. She continues to be a strategic advisor for the Provida Foundation which invests and provides advice to social ventures with social impact, as well as for project Buddy that focuses on disadvantaged children in Slovakia.

Lucia obtained her PhD in Health Policy from the LSE. Her thesis focused on assessing pre- and post-transition health system performance in Slovakia and the Czech Republic. Lucia has an MA in International Relations (Development Economics and International Development) from School of Advanced International Studies Johns Hopkins University and a BA in Social Sciences from University College Utrecht.

Lucia left the Trust in September 2018.

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