Dr Simeon Schwartz

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    Dr Simeon Schwartz

    Founder and President

    Westmed Medical Group

Simeon is the CEO at Optum Practice Partners with a focus on General Practice Development and New Models of Care. In addition to this position, Simeon is the founder and President of WESTMED Medical Group (WMG) which was formed in 1996. Since its founding, the multi-specialty medical group has grown to over 350 physicians with 10 locations in the USA. WMG embraced the Triple Aim and is proud to have transitioned to value-based care with a successful ACO and strong results for quality efficiency and service.

Throughout his medical career, Simeon has been committed to improving the health of the community by providing coordinated, efficient, quality patient care. To accomplish this goal, he and his team were early adopters of healthcare IT, collaborating with many innovative IT vendors in the areas of process and system redesign to improve care. Optum Practice Partners has continued to focus on lean ambulatory healthcare transformation. Improvements in both operational and clinical efficiency were achieved with analytically-based work flow redesign facilitated by extensive use of automated rules and tasking engines.