Dr Tazeem Bhatia

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    Dr Tazeem Bhatia

    Specialty Registrar

    Public Health

Tazeem Bhatia is a Specialty Registrar in Public Health and was previously a GP in Sussex. She was formely a Public Health Trainee at the Nuffield Trust in 2015. Her interests are health inequalities and health systems. During her public health career in the UK she has worked at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine on a Cochrane 131 Harnessing social action to support older people systematic review looking at the effect of user fees on utilisation and access to health services; at Greenwich Local Authority improving cardiovascular disease outcomes, particularly for women; and at West Kent Primary Care Trust on a health equity audit for HIV.

Tazeem is currently working at Guy’s and St Thomas’s NHS Foundation Trust with the Accountable Clinical Network for Cancer and integrating care for children and young people. Prior to joining the NHS Public Health training scheme, Tazeem worked for several years in overseas development, spending two years in Afghanistan on health system strengthening and trying to improve access to health care. She also spent four years in Myanmar working on health service provision to marginalised populations in the border areas and on increasing access to HIV services in Yangon.

Tazeem has a MPhil in Public Health from the Humbolt University, Berlin, as well as medical degree and MRCGP.