Holly Smith (Dorning)


Holly Smith (Dorning)

Senior Research Analyst

Nuffield Trust


Holly joined the Nuffield Trust as Research Analyst in May 2013 and became a Senior Research Analyst in May 2016. Her research projects included: understanding how people with mental ill health get support for their physical health conditions in a hospital setting; gathering a consensus from patients and carers, health and social care professionals, and policy makers on what the most important aspects of quality are to measure; and evaluating the implementation of Stroke Association Voluntary Groups and their impact on beneficiaries.

Holly started her career in medical research charities and before joining the trust worked at the Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Society. While there she worked on a number of research projects and initiatives. Primarily she led the analysis of the ‘My MS, My Needs’ project which is the largest survey of people with MS in the UK and explored if people with MS were getting what they needed from health and social care services. The results of this project were used to develop ‘A lottery of treatment and care –MS services across the UK’.

Holly is has now left the Nuffield Trust and is studying for a Master’s degree at the University of Birmingham.

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