John Macaskill-Smith

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    John Macaskill-Smith

    Chief Executive Officer

    Midlands Health Network

John is the Chief Executive Officer of Midlands Health Network, a role he shifted into from the CEO role of Pinnacle Group Limited (PGL) after the five Midland primary health organisations and PGL were merged in 2010. Prior to joining Pinnacle, John spent time with the New Zealand Ministry of Health and Health Funding Authority.

John is well known for his honest no mucking around approach to making things happen in primary health care. Currently MHN is spear-heading the exploration of new models of care to ensure that there is a sustainable, fit-for-purpose primary care environment within the ‘Better Sooner More Convenient’ health policy process of the New Zealand government.

John has also led the development of Primary Health Care Ltd a Pinnacle subsidiary which has provided a GP-owned and operated alternative to foreign owned for-profit corporatisation of general practice and taken the form of a new equity exchange programme for general practice.

John is also involved in a number of key national committees. In the odd free time, John grows olives and chases his three kids, with a little trout fishing thrown in when possible.

John presented at the Nuffield Trust event: Unleashing the potential of primary care: lessons from New Zealand’s experience of organised general practice, in May 2011, and wrote a guest blog for the Nuffield Trust in August 2011: Primary Care Networks – one pathway to sustainable change.