Joshua Kraindler

Joshua joined the Nuffield Trust in May 2017 and will bring his knowledge of statistical methods to bear on a number of on-going projects.


Joshua Kraindler

Research Analyst

Nuffield Trust


Joshua joined the Nuffield Trust in May 2017 as a Research Analyst. He has prior experience in health and welfare statistics, as well as previously being an auditor.

Joshua joined the Trust while studying a Masters in Economics at Lund University in Sweden. His current thesis is on the impact of housing affordability on mental health in Australia.

While completing his studies, Joshua worked as a research and data analyst at the Australian Institute of Health & Welfare, Australia’s national data agency for health and welfare statistics. During his time there, his research areas were housing and homelessness, working on a variety of published reports for the institute. Recently, Joshua was also an independent economic advisor to the organisation Getup!, where he provided statistical advice to the organisation on their election campaigns regarding health care financing in Australia.

Joshua obtained his Masters in Health Economics from Lund University in 2015. Prior to that he worked as a financial services auditor at PricewaterhouseCoopers, specialising in lending and property clients. Whilst working as an auditor, he completed the Graduate Diploma of Chartered Accounting in Australia. Joshua has a Bachelor in Commerce and a Bachelor in Economics from the University of New South Wales.

Joshua left the Trust in November 2017.

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