Mel Hill

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    Mel Hill

    Senior Social Scientist

    Great Ormond Street Hospital

Mel is a senior social scientist based in the London North Genomic Medicine Hub at Great Ormond Street Hospital. She has a background in health and medical research with a particular interest in facilitating best practice in the provision of genetic and other health services. Mel has worked as a project coordinator and/or social science researcher on a number of different research programmes focused on improving health care delivery and involving large multidisciplinary teams. These include;

  • The FAXES project at Murdoch Children’s Research Institute in Melbourne which looked at the acceptability of offering carrier screening for fragile X syndrome
  • The NIHR funded RAPID (Reliable Accurate Prenatal non-Invasive Diagnosis) programme at Great Ormond Street Hospital which evaluated all aspects of implementing non-invasive testing into the NHS
  • The Horizon 2020 funded BOOSTB4 (Boost Brittle Bones Before Birth) programme where Mel is looking at stakeholder views of stem cell therapy for osteogenesis imperfecta at Great Ormond Street Hospital, London
  • Optimising EXome PREnatal Sequencing Services – EXPRESS which begins in 2020 and will evaluate the implementation of prenatal exome sequencing in the new NHS Genomic Medicine Service

Key recent papers

Hill M*, Sanderson SC*, Patch C, Searle B, Lewis C, Chitty LS. Delivering genome sequencing in clinical practice: an interview study with healthcare professionals involved in the 100 000 Genomes Project. BMJ Open. 2019 Nov 3;9(11):e029699. (*equal first)

Hill M, Lewis C, Riddington M, Crowe B, DeVile C, David AL, Semler O, Westgren M, Götherström C, Chitty LS. Stakeholder views and attitudes towards prenatal and postnatal transplantation of fetal mesenchymal stem cells to treat Osteogenesis Imperfecta. Eur J Hum Genet. 2019 27(8):1244-1253.

Chitty LS, Wright D, Hill M, Verhoef TI, Daley R, Lewis C, Mason S, McKay F, Jenkins L, Howarth A, Cameron L, McEwan A, Fisher J, Kroese M, Morris S. (2016) Uptake, outcomes, and costs of implementing non-invasive prenatal testing for Down's syndrome into NHS maternity care: prospective cohort study in eight diverse maternity units. BMJ 354:i3426.

Hill M, Johnson JA, Langlois S, Lee H, Winsor S, Dineley B, Horniachek M, Lalatta F, Ronzoni L, Barrett AN, Advani HV, Choolani M, Rabinowitz R, Pajkrt E, van Schendel RV, Henneman L, Rommers W, Bilardo CM, Rendeiro P, Ribeiro MJ, Rocha J, Bay Lund IC, Petersen OB, Becher N, Vogel I, Stefánsdottir V, Ingvarsdottir S, Gottfredsdottir H, Morris S, Chitty LS. (2016) Preferences for prenatal tests for Down syndrome: an international comparison of the views of pregnant women and health professionals. Eur J Hum Genet 24:968-75.