Dr Nadeem Moghal

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    Dr Nadeem Moghal

    Visiting Fellow

    Nuffield Trust

Dr Nadeem Moghal, once a consultant paediatric nephrologist, has held a number of senior medical leadership roles, and atypically for an NHS doctor, in a number of diverse organisations; each a fire greater than the last. He was most recently the Executive Medical Director at Barking hospitals excepting a period in 2017 when he was being treated for high grade B cell lymphoma that revealed itself as a testicular mass - initially confused for responsibility matching hyperplasia. The cancer care was outstanding, the experience appalling: emasculating surgery; excruciating bone screaming needles; stomach wrenching chemotherapy; life threatening sepsis; burning exhausting radiotherapy. The message from the universe - before returning to cosmic dust, do want you want, not what others want of you.

Nadeem’s DNA has been re-ordered through the challenging leadership roles in the NHS, testing the theoretical learning from his MBA, the Institute of Healthcare Improvement, The NHS Leadership Academy, The Harvard Kennedy School of Government and many brilliant people.

As Senior Clinical Fellow at The Nuffield Trust he is progressing his unique medical professionalism model, proving it is definable, measurable and meaningful to all stakeholders.

He works with doctors in difficulty as well as mentors and coaches doctors who wish to become the best they can, using the framework of modern medical professionalism.

He is a Non-Executive Director at private healthcare providers, has advised healthcare startups on quality and commercial strategy, and contributes to the Health Service Journal.