Professor Tamara Hervey

Tamara K Hervey is a Jean Monnet Professor of EU Law at the University of Sheffield.


Professor Tamara Hervey

Jean Monnet Professor of EU Law

University of Sheffield


Tamara K Hervey, LLB, PhD, FAcSS, PFHEA is Jean Monnet Professor of EU Law at the University of Sheffield, UK. She researches, teaches, and writes on EU social and constitutional law, in particular its application in health fields; on equality law; on interfaces between biosciences and (European) law; on social rights; and on legal pedagogy. 

Tamara is author/editor of 16 books/edited collections and over 80 articles and book chapters, including T Hervey and C Young with L Bishop, Research Handbook in European Union Health Law and Policy (Edward Elgar, 2017 forthcoming) and T Hervey and J McHale, European Union Health Law: Themes and Implications (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, Law in Context, 2015). 

Tamara’s collaborations with UK, R-EU and North America-based scholars, policy-makers, practitioners, across disciplines, include work on Patient and Professional Autonomy, Human Rights, and Trans-national Trade Law with Sally Sheldon (Kent) and Rebecca Gomperts (‘Women on Web’); on Comparative Health Law with David Orentlicher (Indiana); and on Transnational Health Policy and Law with Katherine Fierlbeck (Dalhousie). Tamara is also working on EU Health Law and UK Health Law post-Brexit, with UK and R-EU-based health lawyers (Paris; Uppsala; Copenhagen; Santander; Brussels; Amsterdam; Rotterdam; Zagreb; Innsbruck; Cork); as a member of the Healthier In Advisory Board, led by Martin McKee, LSHTM; and as special advisor to the House of Commons Health Committee, on the health implications of Brexit.

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