Rowan Dennison

Rowan joined the Nuffield Trust in April 2015. Rowan is responsible for taking research through the editorial, production and publication process, helping researchers to find the most innovative and engaging ways to present analysis to the Trust’s key audiences.

Before joining the Trust, Rowan worked for MA Healthcare, a healthcare publisher. Rowan was the editor of the British Journal of Community Nursing, a monthly, peer-reviewed journal covering issues of relevance to the district and community nursing audience. In his capacity as editorial manager Rowan also oversaw a team of editors working on a diverse range of nursing-related titles. Prior to these roles, Rowan provided editorial and production services for a number of scientific, economic and mathematical journals through work with various other academic publishing organisations.

Rowan is a graduate of the University of York and has an MSc in Political Theory from the London School of Economics and Political Science.