Sandeepa Arora


Sandeepa Arora

Research Analyst

Nuffield Trust

Sandeepa Arora is a research analyst and joined the Nuffield trust in 2012.

Before joining the Nuffield Trust, Sandeepa assisted in a research project at Healthcare Management Group, Imperial College London, on understanding people’s willingness to pay for health care. The work involved estimating the trend in people’s willingness to pay for health care and looked at people’s attitudes towards risky behaviours.

Sandeepa’s current projects include evaluating the cost effectiveness of complex interventions such as social action programs trying to reduce pressures on the NHS and clinical approaches to improving the care of frail elderly patients in hospital. In addition, Sandeepa is working on an evaluation of a scheme for improving access to health care services and impact of the scheme on patient access to healthcare services. 

Sandeepa’s research interests focus on the application of quantitative techniques in health care research and economic evaluation. Sandeepa has a Masters in Economics with an emphasis on health economics from the University of Edinburgh.

Sandeepa left the Trust in December 2017.

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