Sasha Karakusevic

Sasha was a Visiting Senior Fellow at the Nuffield Trust between October 2015 and mid-2016. The focus of his work at this time was on health systems, with a particular interest in new technology, diagnostics and system design.

Sasha started his career in dentistry and maxillofacial surgery. Early in his career he became very interested in service improvement and health system design, focusing on the systems and processes that drive innovation and improvement. He played a major role in shaping the South Devon Integrated Care Network. He has operated at Director level in the NHS since 2001 and has wide experience of using information to drive improvement and on aspects of patient flow. Sasha has worked with colleagues in a wide variety of countries exploring how to make health systems work better.    

Sasha has a B.Sc and BDS from the University of Manchester and an M.B.A from Imperial College.