Sílvia Machaqueiro

Sílvia Machaqueiro is a Researcher in Policy at the Nuffield Trust. Her current projects at the Trust include an analysis of the implementation of quality improvement mechanisms in Acute Care Trusts in London and an exploration of models of generalist and specialist care in smaller acute hospitals.

Prior to joining the Trust, Sílvia worked as a researcher and project manager in academia in Portugal. Her work there focused on the study and improvement of the commissioning process in primary health care, including an overview of commissioning performance indicators and the process for setting them. In her previous research Sílvia also studied the impact of a national primary care reform on organisational models, governance and innovation. 

Sílvia also worked as a technical officer in the International Relations department and the Technical Office of the National Health Plan 2011-2016 at the Office of the High Commissioner for Health, in the Portuguese Ministry of Health. She also worked as an intern at the World Health Organization in 2011. 

Sílvia has an MSc in Health Management (specialisation in Management of Health Organisations) from the Portuguese School of Public Health. 

Sílvia left the Trust in December 2017.