Stephanie Kumpunen

Stephanie joined the Nuffield Trust in 2014 as a Fellow in Health Policy. She specialises in qualitative research and policy analysis, and has interests in information, choice and the quality of care services. Her current work focuses on evaluating the impacts of new models of general practice organisations.

Previous to joining the Trust, Stephanie was a Research Officer at LSE Health and Social Care where for three years she was part of an FP7-funded European Union Cross Border Care Collaboration Study. She worked on projects examining quality of care, consumer choice and public reporting in primary, secondary, and long-term care using qualitative and quantitative research approaches with international partners. She was seconded to the Department of Health (England) in 2013/14 to advise on choice and personalisation policies in the NHS.

She has an MSc in Health Policy, Planning and Financing from the LSE and LSHTM, and an MSc in Health Promotion from Western University in Canada. Stephanie has also advised charities on national tobacco control policies in Canada and the UK, and researched information provision practices within an NHS Trust.