Theo Georghiou

Theo joined the Nuffield Trust in 2008 as a Senior Researcher. His interests include predictive risk techniques, methodologies for evaluation of complex care interventions, and end of life care services.

He is currently leading a number of studies to evaluate the role of voluntary sector organisations in helping to avoid unplanned hospital admissions, and has been documenting variations in the use of hospital care at the end of life. 

Theo has extensive experience using large administrative datasets from primary and secondary health care and social care services. In his previous role at The King’s Fund he was part of the team that developed the Patients at Risk of Readmissions tool (used by commissioners to identify patients at high risk of an emergency readmission), and at the Trust he has extended these methods to make use of a wide range of data sources (including those from social care and GP systems). 

He has also been involved in the development of person based resource allocation models, evaluations of a palliative care nursing service and studies of the use of health and social care at the end of life. 

Prior to his work at the Nuffield Trust and The King’s Fund, Theo worked at the Healthcare Commission and the Commission for Health Improvement. He has a master’s degree in Experimental and Theoretical Physics from the University of Cambridge.