New models of health care delivery

NHS England’s Five Year Forward View outlines a vision for how the traditional boundaries between primary care, community services and hospitals will be dissolved over the next five years and beyond.
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Why is this important?

Breaking down the traditional boundaries between different parts of the NHS and social care offers the prospect of reshaping services around the needs of individuals and reducing reliance on hospitals. This will require a move away from single institutions towards  networks of care. In this world the capacity of care delivered outside hospitals will need to be boosted through reforms to general practice, while technology and new types of staff enable expertise and information to be shared.

What we offer

The Nuffield Trust provides thought leadership on how service delivery models are changing and need to change.

We will build on the considerable experience and reputation we have in conducting evaluative work of new models of care, with a number of research projects in place with royal colleges and specialist societies. At the same time, we will also provide briefings and analysis that help health leaders choose and implement changes, and bring them together to share ideas.

The effectiveness of new care models is very dependent on whether those implementing them really understand that they are about new models and not about organisational re-structuring.

Manager of a clinical commissioning group (Health Leaders’ Panel)

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