Many of the most pressing issues in the NHS at present relate to the planning, deployment and design of the workforce.
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Why is this important?

The NHS workforce is under extreme pressure, and it is not just a matter of numbers. Some areas are undersubscribed, but others have an over-supply. New technologies and care models require new types of staff. And training for this highly skilled workforce has long lead times. Getting all of this right has never been more critical, especially with the uncertainty around migration following the country's vote to leave the EU.

The development of new models of care is often driven by changes in workforce and vice versa. Being able to make the links between the two areas will be very important.

What we offer

We are constructively challenging current approaches to workforce planning and policy and developing a reputation for thought leadership in this area.

We believe there is an important role for an independent organisation to collaborate with local and national bodies to identify and work with innovators in the NHS on new approaches to the workforce, and we will be exploring these opportunities. We will ensure our research and analysis informs the Government’s strategy for the future health care workforce.

Health and social care [has] a model that has never significantly changed over the decades: a delivery model based upon reaction rather than proaction – with very poor management, particularly around workforce planning.

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