Change in medicine

This report considers the changes in medicine under the NHS.


Published: 01/01/1975

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These changes have given us a universal service which has guaranteed a level of health care which has fewer gaps than have most others. However, we have not made the best use of what we have, and we need more resources, better managed.

The present differences within the profession of medicine and between it and the other health professions can be considered an embarrassment to the NHS, as can differences between the professions and government. Yet none of these difficulties is insurmountable, given tolerance and goodwill from all the factions.

The NHS is the sum of countless services rendered daily to the people by the members of the professions and those who work with and for them. The part of the government and the administration is enabling, and the author concludes that a chief need at this time is a restoration of confidence between the two. To that restoration both must contribute.

Suggested citation

Godber G (1975) Change in medicine. Nuffield Trust.