New medicines, the practice of medicine and public policy

A seminal report on innovation in medicine, written by the head of one of the world's largest pharmaceutical companies.


Published: 01/11/2000

ISBN: 9780117026766

The author of this report, Sir Richard Sykes, was Chairman of Glaxo Wellcome plc at the time of writing. He gives a strategic view of how innovation in the development of medicines will impact on the practice of medicine and the delivery of health care during the next two decades.

He addresses issues that will affect the pharmaceutical industry and the challenges governments will face in the delivery of care that medical developments will bring about. He looks at the impact of developments in science and technology on new medicines, takes a fresh look at the future demand for medicines and proposes new approaches to the financing of medicines as well as addressing issues on a global scale.

Suggested citation

Sykes R (2000) New medicines, the practice of medicine and public policy. Nuffield Trust.