Nuffield/York portfolio

A collection of essays


Published: 01/10/1983

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The Nuffield/York portfolio contains the following papers:

  1. The elderly: Who cares? Who pays? Alan Maynard and John C. C. Smith
  2. Medical ethics: Health service efficiency and clinical freedom. Alan Williams.
  3. Valuing human life in health service policy. Gavin Mooney.
  4. Community care: its meaning and importance. K. G. Wright.
  5. Inequalities in health and health care. Julian Le Grand.
  6. Cost effective analysis in health care. Michael Drummond.
  7. Children in care: Planning without costs. Martin Knapp.
  8. Option appraisal in the NHS: A guide to better decision-making. R. L. Akehurst and M. J. Buxton.
  9. Does unemployment kill? Hugh Gravelle.
  10. The ethical imperative of clinical budgeting. Iden Wickings and James Coles.

Suggested citation

Culyer AJ (1983) Nuffield/York portfolio. Nuffield Trust.