How does our diet interact with our genes, and how does this affect our tendency to suffer from certain diseases?


Published: 05/02/2004

ISBN: 1905030061

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The Nutrigenomics workshop was led by the PHGU and hosted by the Nuffield Trust and explored the gene environment interaction in the important area of diet and susceptibility to chronic conditions such as heart disease, cancer, obesity and diabetes.

Eminent national researchers were brought together with representatives of key policy making bodies to examine the evidence for nutrient gene interaction, to consider clinical applications and to make recommendations for policy implications.

The workshop group concluded that while there is no evidence to support giving individualised dietary advice based on gene testing, the science does have great potential to increase our understanding of the molecular mechanisms through which diet influences disease.

Suggested citation

Burton H and Stewart A (2004) Nutrigenomics. Research report. Nuffield Trust.