Policy futures for UK health

This report asks what the UK's health needs will be in 2015 and what we can do now to ensure meeting those needs.


Published: 28/11/2005

ISBN: 1846190037

Policy Futures for UK Health, edited by Zoe Slote Morris, Linda Rosenstrom Chang, Sandra Dawson and Pam Garside of Judge Business School, University of Cambridge, explores the health needs of the UK in 2015.

The report looks at how all aspects of public policy can affect our health, and specifically how current trends in society, the economy, technology, law and ethics will affect the future of the NHS. It asks the key questions: Who is going to govern? Who is going to care? What will be the burden of health? Where will technology take us? What will health cost?

Suggested citation

Morris Z, Chang L, Dawson S and Garside P (2005) Policy futures for UK health. Nuffield Trust.