Primary care co-commissioning: a survey of members’ views of their CCG and its role in primary care

This slide deck presents the third year of results from an annual survey with six CCGs.


Published: 01/04/2015

The survey, conducted as part a joint project with The King’s Fund, presents the results of an online survey of GPs and practice managers in six CCGs, selected to broadly represent CCGs across England. In 2015 we received 312 responses. These covered approximately 23 per cent of GPs and 45 per cent of practice managers in our case study sites.

There are big changes underway for commissioning. Our research suggests that CCG leaders were optimistic about the prospect co-commissioning. However, the message from GP members was that those leading CCGs will need to tread carefully if this new policy is to be effective.Holly Holder, report co-author

The survey examines how GPs and practice managers are involved and engaged in the activities of their CCGs as well as their views on co-commissioning and performance management from CCGs. It also outlines some implications from this research for CCGs going forward.

The survey comes as part of a wider joint three-year project by the Nuffield Trust and The King’s Fund to understand the development of the new commissioning arrangements, and to support CCGs by spreading good practice and learning.

The survey follows a report from this project which found that clinical engagement in CCGs risks becoming unsustainable without changes to the way they attract leaders and adequate funding to help them expand their remit.



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Robertson R, Holder H, Bennett L, Curry N, Ross S and Naylor C (2015) Primary care co-commissioning: a survey of members’ views of their CCG and its role in primary care. Research report. Nuffield Trust.

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