Problems and progress in medical care

Essays designed to present the results of some of the research sponsored by the Trust.


Published: 01/01/1964

The essays themselves have been selected when the particular researches which they describe have been either completed or have produced interim results worthy of quick attention. In a different vein, 'Studies in the Spectrum of Medical Care' outlines the range of work which was being carried out by the Medical Care Research Unit in Manchester, and discusses the implications of what it has already been able to observe.

At the same time, the volume itself may help, so it is hoped, to meet a special need, since there are few outlets in Britain for serious essays of about 10,000 words on socio-medical studies. Because of the growing awareness of the need for a wide range of studies, the backgrounds, methodologies and implications of much research in this field need to be discussed at rather more than 'digest' length.

Suggested citation

Nuffield Trust (1964) Problems and progress in medical care.