Root causes: Quality and inequality in dental health

This latest report from QualityWatch looks at publicly available data on dental health quality. While overall outcomes have improved over several decades, there remain significant regional and socioeconomic differences, with people from the North of England, or from more deprived backgrounds, generally experiencing worse dental health.

Analysing data from a range of sources, this briefing looks at how dental health has changed over the past decades. While overall health has steadily improved, we find persistent differences in outcomes between regions and socioeconomic groups. The report argues for a greater focus on wider determinants of health and for dentists to deliver more preventative care.

The report is available for download from the QualityWatch website at

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Suggested citation

Appleby, J., Merry, L. and Reed, R. (2017) Root Causes: quality and inequality in dental health. Briefing, QualityWatch