The role of health impact assessment

This collection of papers investigates the role of health impact assessment (HIA) in exploring the relationships between health, foreign policy and security.


Published: 29/08/2006

ISBN: 1-905030-16-9

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This is the final collection of papers from the Global Programme on Health, Foreign Policy and Security. This programme was designed to strengthen the conceptual and evidentiary base for informing policy development on the links between health, foreign policy and security. This involved five interrelated research projects, each producing case studies that would provide policy lessons. The tool for investigating these links is health impact assessment (HIA), a method of judging the potential effects of a policy on the population.

This collection contains an important overview paper by Kelley Lee: Health, Foreign Policy and Security: The Role of Health Impact Assessment.

The three other papers are:

  • Health impact assessment of foreign and security policy: Background paper by Karen Lock
  • Health Impact Assessment of Foreign and Security Policy: A critical analysis by Alan Ingram
  • Balancing Health and Trade Policy: A health impact assessment of UK tobacco taxation by Kelley Lee.

Suggested citation

Lee K, Lock K and Ingram A (2006) The role of health impact assessment. Research report. Nuffield Trust.