Research into the UK's health system is one of our core activities and has been since we were founded over 70 years ago. We undertake projects that will provide evidence on key areas of health and social care and which build upon our established areas of expertise.

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Injustice? Towards a better understanding of health care access challenges for prisoners


21/10/2021 Dr Miranda Davies | Eilís Keeble | Rachel Hutchings

Many prisoners still struggle to access hospital services despite their significant health care needs, and early data suggests the pandemic has worsened access further. In this report, we consider new evidence relating to pre-existing health conditions before prison, the use of remote consultation, different ethnic groups' use of health services and the early impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The cost of specialist palliative care in the community: a scoping review



We aim to review the evidence on cost of specialist palliative care delivered in the community in order to improve commissioning of these services.

Overseas nurse recruitment and the NHS


04/10/2021 Billy Palmer | Claudia Leone | John Appleby

The recruitment of nurses from overseas is vital for securing the staff we need in order to meet ambitious national goals to expand the workforce - but what are the benefits and costs? This major new research commissioned by NHS England and NHS Improvement explores the business case for overseas recruitment and looks at the factors that attract or deter nurses from choosing to work in the UK.

6 practical lessons for implementing technology in domiciliary care


30/09/2021 Lucina Rolewicz | Camille Oung | Nadia Crellin | Stephanie Kumpunen

The social care sector could benefit from the use of digital innovations to enhance the delivery of care, but there are considerable barriers which block widespread adoption. This report sets out six key lessons for policy makers and commissioners for successful implementation of digital technologies in domiciliary care.

Developing the digital skills of the social care workforce


30/09/2021 Camille Oung | Lucina Rolewicz | Nadia Crellin | Stephanie Kumpunen

Adult social care roles suffer from poor retention rates, but could digital technologies hold the answer to enabling skill development and improved job satisfaction in the sector? This summary explores how domiciliary care agencies have trained staff to use digital technology in order to monitor the vital signs of services users, and presents findings relating to the experience and skills development of care staff.

Planning and Evaluating Remote Consultation Services: A New Conceptual Framework Incorporating Complexity and Practical Ethics

Journal article


As 'remote by default' becomes the norm for healthcare consultations, this study presents a new framework, Planning and Evaluation Remote Consultation Services (PERCS), to evaluate primary care services.

Untapped? Understanding the mental health clinical support workforce


20/08/2021 Billy Palmer | Lucina Rolewicz | Nina Hemmings | John Appleby

NHS clinical support staff are particularly important to mental health services and while they usually deliver the bulk of hands-on care, they are often undervalued. This report examines the profile of mental health clinical support staff and discusses how issues around recruitment and retention can be improved.

Hospice activity analysis



We are working with Hospice UK to better understand the services provided by the hospice sector.

The right track: Participation and progression in psychology career paths


08/07/2021 Billy Palmer | Laura Schlepper | Nina Hemmings | Nadia Crellin

Despite psychology being a popular subject to study at degree level, staffing mental health services remains hugely challenging. With ambitions to grow the numbers of psychologists and psychotherapists by 2023/24, this report looks at the size and make up of the workforce of those with a background of psychology to better understand their career choices.

Peer supported social care in prisons



The RSET team will perform documentary analysis of Her Majesty’s inspectorate of Prisons (HMIP) reports to answer important questions about social care in prisons.