Research into the UK's health system is one of our core activities and has been since we were founded over 70 years ago. We undertake projects that will provide evidence on key areas of health and social care and which build upon our established areas of expertise.

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The impact of Covid-19 on the use of digital technology in the NHS


27/08/2020 Rachel Hutchings

The Covid-19 pandemic has resulted in the adoption of digital technology in the NHS and changes to the way services are delivered at an incredible pace. So as the health service works hard to get back to something like normality, are all the elements of this sea change in digital practice positive, or do some adaptations need further scrutiny before they become more deeply embedded?

Maternity services in smaller hospitals: a call to action


25/08/2020 Nigel Edwards | Louella Vaughan | Billy Palmer

In rural and remote areas, the closure of maternity units can mean longer transfer times and poorer support for obstetric emergencies, but the viability of smaller maternity units is often questioned. This working paper discusses the issues affecting the delivery of safe and effective maternity services and serves as a call to action for areas of improvement that are within the control of employers and national organisations.

A cross-sectional study to examine risk factors associated with childhood obesity (short title)

Journal article


Full title: 'A cross-sectional study using the Childhood Measurement Programme for Wales to examine population-level risk factors associated with childhood obesity'

Resuming health services during the Covid-19 pandemic: What can the NHS learn from other countries?


24/07/2020 Sarah Reed

As the country deals with the easing of lockdown restrictions and a slow decline in Covid-19 cases, health services are attempting to return to some form of pre-pandemic normality – yet demand for services remains anything but predictable. Our new briefing looks at what approaches other countries around the world have taken to dealing with the pandemic. What might we learn from the approaches used internationally, and how long will it take us to fully recover?

Strategic health authorities and regions: lessons from history


02/07/2020 Nigel Edwards | Helen Buckingham

With NHS England and NHS Improvement now a single entity, having seven regional teams to carry out work on the ground, what can be learned from previous incarnations of the NHS that relied on regional bodies? A new report by Nigel Edwards and Helen Buckingham asks the people who were there to provide some much-needed lessons from recent history to apply to the present day.

Prisoner health: prisoners’ use of secondary care services



Understanding prisoners’ health care needs, how their use of health care services has changed over time and the quality of care received.

Analytical collaboration for Covid-19



Nuffield Trust is working in collaboration with the Health Foundation, The King’s Fund, the Strategy Unit and Imperial College Healthcare Partners to provide additional analytical support to the NHS nationally in its overall response to Covid-19.

Public satisfaction with the NHS and social care in 2019: Results and trends from the British Social Attitudes survey


03/04/2020 John Appleby | Nina Hemmings | David Maguire | Jessica Morris | Laura Schlepper | Dan Wellings

Nuffield Trust and The King's Fund's latest analysis of the NatCen Social Research survey exploring the public's views shows satisfaction with the NHS jumped to 60% in 2019 – several months before the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. So what might explain this turnaround from previous years which had showed public satsifaction at its lowest ebb in a decade?

Achieving scale and spread: Learning for innovators and policy-makers


05/03/2020 Nina Hemmings | Rachel Hutchings | Sophie Castle-Clarke | Billy Palmer

In recent years, a significant number of innovators have forged ways to scale and spread innovation in the NHS. However, despite some existing work in this area, less is known about how to achieve greater scale and spread beyond early adopters. The Nuffield Trust was commissioned by the NHS Innovation Accelerator to help fill this knowledge gap.

Locked out? Prisoners' use of hospital care


26/02/2020 Dr Miranda Davies | Lucina Rolewicz | Laura Schlepper | Femi Fagunwa

It is widely known that prisons in England are crowded and facing severe difficulties, but the health and health care use of the prisoners within has received little attention. Drawing on over 110,000 patient hospital records for prisoners at 112 prisons, this study provides the most in-depth look to date at how prisoners’ health needs are being met in hospital.