Research into the UK's health system is one of our core activities and has been since we were founded over 70 years ago. We undertake projects that will provide evidence on key areas of health and social care and which build upon our established areas of expertise.

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Achieving scale and spread: Learning for innovators and policy-makers


05/03/2020 Nina Hemmings | Rachel Hutchings | Sophie Castle-Clarke | Billy Palmer

In recent years, a significant number of innovators have forged ways to scale and spread innovation in the NHS. However, despite some existing work in this area, less is known about how to achieve greater scale and spread beyond early adopters. The Nuffield Trust was commissioned by the NHS Innovation Accelerator to help fill this knowledge gap.

Locked out? Prisoners' use of hospital care


26/02/2020 Dr Miranda Davies | Lucina Rolewicz | Laura Schlepper | Femi Fagunwa

It is widely known that prisons in England are crowded and facing severe difficulties, but the health and health care use of the prisoners within has received little attention. Drawing on over 110,000 patient hospital records for prisoners at 112 prisons, this study provides the most in-depth look to date at how prisoners’ health needs are being met in hospital.

Quality and inequality

Annual Statement


This scrolling data story takes a closer look at the association between deprivation in the area that a patient lives and quality of care.

Hindsight 2020: Lessons on setting targets in health and social care


08/01/2020 Billy Palmer | Helen Buckingham | Nadia Crellin | Camille Oung

After the 2015 general election, the NHS and social care were set a number of targets on where they needed to be by 2020. Now that year has started, this briefing looks at how they have fared over that time, looking at a sample of key targets. Which have been met, which are being missed, and which by now no longer exist? The briefing then looks at the lessons that need to be learned.

Stopping the staff we need? Migration choices in the 2019 general election


04/12/2019 Mark Dayan | Billy Palmer

Both Labour and the Conservatives have recognised the vital importance in this election of solving the staffing crisis that threatens the NHS and social care. But policies to end the current system of free movement from Europe after Brexit could cause a major slowdown in migration towards vital jobs in these sectors. How might these intertwined issues find equilibrium?

Social care: the action we need


28/11/2019 Natasha Curry | Nina Hemmings | Camille Oung | Eilís Keeble

Social care in England is at a crossroads. All three major political parties in the 2019 general election have recognised in their manifestos that the social care system is in need of change. So what needs to be done?

NHS visual data challenge



Create a data visualisation on health and care inequalities and win £1000.

Delivering general practice with too few GPs


11/10/2019 Dr Rebecca Rosen

With an increasing number of GPs leaving clinical practice or working part time, and many practices unable to fill vacant GP posts, this briefing presents some ideas on how general practice can continue to be provided as the shortage of GPs becomes chronic.

What can England learn from the long-term care system in Germany?


11/09/2019 Natasha Curry | Laura Schlepper | Nina Hemmings

The current social care system in England is widely regarded as unfair, complex, confusing and failing to meet growing care needs in the population. Germany was in a similar situation 24 years ago, but successfully brought about far-reaching reform. As the UK government promises to fix our social care system, what can England learn from Germany's experience of reform?