Research into the UK's health system is one of our core activities and has been since we were founded over 70 years ago. We undertake projects that will provide evidence on key areas of health and social care and which build upon our established areas of expertise.

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Hospital-wide Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment



The aim of this project is to inform NHS managers, clinicians, patients and the public about how best to organise hospital services for frail older people. The project is being carried out in collaboration with clinical investigators at the Universities of Leicester, Southampton and Newcastle and with health economists at the London School of Economics and Political Science.

Evaluating Age UK’s Personalised Integrated Care programme



Age UK’s Personalised Integrated Care Programme brings together voluntary, health and social care services to provide personalised support to older people. We have been commissioned by Age UK to provide an independent view on whether the scheme can reduce avoidable hospital care.

Prisoner health



Understanding prisoners’ health care needs, their use of health care services and the quality of care received.

Divided we fall: getting the best out of general practice


05/02/2018 Dr Rebecca Rosen

How best to balance the proliferation of GP services prioritising speed and convenience with the traditional view of general practice based on deep knowledge, community-based understanding and continuity of care?

What happens to patient experience when you want to see a doctor and you get to speak to a nurse?

Journal article


An observational study using data from the English General Practice Patient Survey.

Admissions of inequality: emergency hospital use for children and young people


24/12/2017 Lucia Kossarova | Dr Ronny Cheung | Dougal Hargreaves | Eilís Keeble

Does a child's socioeconomic background affect rates of admissions to hospital for common conditions such as asthma, diabetes or epilepsy?

2017: Quality in austerity

Annual Statement

18/12/2017 QualityWatch

As QualityWatch marks its fifth year, we present a series of blogs, including new analysis of key trends and turning points in quality data since 2009, and expert views on aspects of care quality over the last decade.

Putting rising emergency hospital admissions for children into perspective: how do international comparisons help?

Journal article


Emergency department (ED) visits and hospital admissions are often monitored to get an understanding of urgent hospital activity, but are also used as an indicator of the accessibility and quality of services outside the hospital. The factors determining whether or not a family will seek care in the ED and be admitted are complex, and this picture becomes even more complex when comparing between areas or countries.

Falling short: Why the NHS is still struggling to make the most of new innovations


13/12/2017 Sophie Castle-Clarke | Nigel Edwards | Helen Buckingham

Despite the fact there is good understanding of the issues obstructing innovation in the NHS, it is still slow to adopt new technological ideas. Why is this, and how can we address the problem?

Community services: What do we know about quality?


29/11/2017 Nora Cooke O'Dowd | Holly Dorning

What can national data from community trusts tell us about the state of services in this area?