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The Nuffield Trust Summit 2020


Our Twelfth annual Summit will be held on the 27th and 28th February 2020 at Beaumont Estate Hotel in Windsor.

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Lessons from history: regional working in the NHS

Conference/seminar 04/12/2019 • 12.00–16.30

This seminar will bring together key stakeholders who worked in or with the different regional bodies in the NHS to look at what we can learn from the previous incarnations of regional tiers between 1996 and 2011.

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Mel Hill

Guest Senior Social ScientistGreat Ormond Street Hospital

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Evaluating integrated care: why are evaluations not producing the results we expect?

Briefing 18/11/2019

With a number of different integrated care models not reducing hospital admissions as expected, this briefing outlines the reasons why this might be happening. It includes advice for model design and implementation, for commissioners of evaluation, and for evaluators on how to address these issues.

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Integrated care and the complexity of ordinary lives

Blog post 18/11/2019Gemma Hughes

Alongside our integrated care briefing, Gemma Hughes looks at why community-based integrated care initiatives are repeatedly disappointing and, using research of integrated care in situ, makes the case for an alternative perspective.

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Privatisation in the English NHS: fact or fiction?

Blog post 15/11/2019Helen Buckingham | Mark Dayan

With general election campaigning so far having a heavy focus on ‘privatisation’ and the NHS, Helen Buckingham and Mark Dayan take a closer look at this often thorny issue.

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Figures show we could be on track for 100,000 trolley waits

Press release 14/11/2019

Responding to today’s NHS performance statistics from NHS England, Prof John Appleby warns that the next Government will immediately be faced with one of the bleakest winters in the NHS’s history.

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Combined Performance Summary: September–October 2019

Latest data 14/11/2019Jessica Morris

Our monthly round-up of the latest NHS performance data.

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Nigel Edwards responds to Labour's 'NHS Rescue Plan'

Press release 12/11/2019

New money announced by Labour would mean the NHS could breathe a sigh of relief, but tough decisions will still have to be made.

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