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Technology in general practice needs careful implementation

News and opinion 09/08/2018Dr Rebecca Rosen

Following on from her previous blog this week, Rebecca Rosen looks at why GPs can be hostile about technologies they might find helpful, and proposes four ways to overcome the doubts.

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Over the edge: a no deal Brexit and the NHS

News and opinion 02/08/2018Mark Dayan

With speculation growing about the possibility of no formal agreement being reached during Brexit negotiations between the UK and the EU, Mark Dayan explores what crashing out without a deal could mean for the NHS.

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Matt Hancock must use his time in office wisely

News and opinion 24/07/2018Nigel Edwards

Nigel Edwards looks at where the new health secretary could make a real difference following his recent appointment, while arguing there are other areas where he shouldn’t focus his attention.

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Reinventing the hospital

News and opinion 18/07/2018Richard Darch

In a guest blog, Richard Darch sets out a vision for the hospital of the future and introduces the idea of the health and wellness campus, describing it as something the public can really buy into and benefit from.

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What can I do about child health? A paediatrician’s view from the front line

News and opinion 16/07/2018Dr Lizzie Wortley

After years of progress, in March we reported that health outcomes for babies and young children in the UK are stalling in several key areas. In a guest blog, paediatrician Dr Lizzie Wortley shares her frustrations about it. What can she and others do to improve matters?

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The gender pay gap in the English NHS: how does it vary across age groups?

News and opinion 12/07/2018John Appleby | Laura Schlepper

With it already known that the gender pay gap in the health service favours men, John Appleby and Laura Schlepper take a closer look at how this gap varies by age.

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The gender pay gap in the English NHS: how does it vary by ethnicity?

News and opinion 12/07/2018Laura Schlepper | John Appleby

While we already know there is an overall gender pay gap in favour of men in the English NHS, research shows that pay gap inequalities between men and women are also shaped by ethnic inequality. Laura Schlepper and John Appleby look at its impact within the NHS.

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Why has the NHS not been copied? (Spoiler: it has)

News and opinion 11/07/2018Nigel Edwards

Nigel Edwards sets the record straight on whether other countries’ health systems are actually so different from the NHS, while emphasising that the reasons for poor outcomes are much more complex than how a system is funded.

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Demanding better: The social determinants of health care demand

News and opinion 05/07/2018Nigel Edwards

As our understanding of the effects of social circumstances on people's health care needs increases, Nigel Edwards asks how the system should respond, drawing on findings from a Nuffield Trust seminar.

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Letter from Nigel Edwards to The Times

News and opinion 02/07/2018

A letter published in The Times on 30 June from Nigel Edwards, which was a response to a leading article on 28 June that argued poorer outcomes are down to the way the NHS is funded.

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