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New figures show NHS is fighting a losing battle - John Appleby

Press release 14/02/2019

There is a risk that we lose sight of these problems as Brexit distracts us, or become numbed as we forget the last time targets were met.

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What can we expect from the new GP contract?

Blog post 06/02/2019Dr Charlotte Paddison

The new GP contract has been widely welcomed, but what does it mean for patients and GP surgeries, and what remains unanswered?

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Changes mean a historic shift in general practice - Nuffield Trust

Press release 31/01/2019

GPs will be able to offer a much wider range of services. However, it’s still not clear what is happening to GP and practice staff pay.

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Can the Long Term Plan really save half a million lives?

Blog post 25/01/2019Billy Palmer

Following the publication of the NHS Long Term Plan, Billy Palmer shares some thoughts on the challenges in achieving its headline grabbing figures for saving lives.

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The costs of delivering health care in rural areas

Blog post 21/01/2019Billy Palmer | John Appleby | Jonathan Spencer

Long read: As our new report reviews the impact of rurality on the costs of health care, Billy Palmer, John Appleby and Jonathan Spencer take a closer look at some of the findings and how approaches to funding rural services can be improved.

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Rural and remote health services lose out on NHS funding

Press release 20/01/2019

Six rural hospital trusts carry a quarter of English health service’s funding deficit, according to an evidence review conducted by the Nuffield Trust for the National Centre for Rural Health and Care.

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Rural health care: A rapid review of the impact of rurality on the costs of delivering health care

Report 20/01/2019Billy Palmer | John Appleby | Jonathan Spencer

It is generally acknowledged that small, rural NHS health care providers face higher costs than larger, urban areas. For a number of years the NHS has adjusted financial allocations to account for these unavoidable variations in costs in different parts of the country. However, our review for the Na...

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The age of integration is officially here but how is it going to happen?

Blog post 15/01/2019Natasha Curry

With the Long Term Plan stating that integrated care systems will cover the whole country within two years, Natasha Curry asks some essential questions on what it might mean in practice.

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Friday FAQs: Guddi Singh

Blog post 11/01/2019Dr Guddi Singh

For this week's Friday FAQs we spoke to Dr Guddi Singh, integrated child health quality improvement fellow and a paediatric registrar at East London Foundation Trust.

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Professor John Appleby responds to latest NHS performance figures

Press release 10/01/2019

Those in charge of the NHS must answer the big question of whether it is going to start actually meeting its commitments, or scrap and replace them.

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