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Lessons from history for the NHS 10 year plan

Conference/seminar 16/10/2018 • 17.45–20.00

Since 2000 the NHS in England has seen at least six major national plans, accompanied by at least ten reorganisations at various levels. With a new plan now being written that aims to last until 2028, backed by tens of billions in extra funding, there are high stakes in getting it right this time. J...

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The first 1,000 days of life

Briefing 10/10/2018

Nuffield Trust submission to the Health Select Committee (September 2018)

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Minds matter: time to take action on children and young people’s mental health

Blog post 11/09/2018Dougal Hargreaves

Co-author of new research today that shows a rise in children and young people with a long-standing mental health condition, Dougal Hargreaves looks at the possible reasons behind it and what the response should be.

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Brave decision shows how far we have to go: Nuffield Trust response to NHS Improvement financial figures

Press release 11/09/2018

For the first time the NHS's underlying deficit has been published by NHS Improvement.

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Digital patients: myth and reality

Blog post 10/09/2018Sarah Scobie | Laura Schlepper

With technology in the health service always a talking point, Sarah Scobie and Laura Schlepper take a closer look at five common claims about the use of digital services in the NHS. Are some more true than others?

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Nuffield Trust response to Brexit technical notices on healthcare

Press release 23/08/2018

Mark Dayan comments on newly published Government guidance on how the NHS and its suppliers should prepare for a no deal Brexit.

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Technology in general practice needs careful implementation

Blog post 09/08/2018Dr Rebecca Rosen

Following on from her previous blog this week, Rebecca Rosen looks at why GPs can be hostile about technologies they might find helpful, and proposes four ways to overcome the doubts.

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Over the edge: a no deal Brexit and the NHS

Blog post 02/08/2018Mark Dayan

With speculation growing about the possibility of no formal agreement being reached during Brexit negotiations between the UK and the EU, Mark Dayan explores what crashing out without a deal could mean for the NHS.

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Matt Hancock must use his time in office wisely

Blog post 24/07/2018Nigel Edwards

Nigel Edwards looks at where the new health secretary could make a real difference following his recent appointment, while arguing there are other areas where he shouldn’t focus his attention.

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Reinventing the hospital

Blog post 18/07/2018Richard Darch

In a guest blog, Richard Darch sets out a vision for the hospital of the future and introduces the idea of the health and wellness campus, describing it as something the public can really buy into and benefit from.

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