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Funding settlement a big step forward but PM's world-class NHS difficult to achieve

News and opinion 17/06/2018

Nigel Edwards comments on the multi-year funding settlement announced by the Prime Minister.

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New funding announcement: what have we learned about previous calls for reform in return for money?

News and opinion 16/06/2018

Nigel Edwards highlights the pitfalls of NHS reform, including failing to understand the need for headroom and capacity to create change and techno-optimism.

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Action on NHS funding and visas is good news, but need to watch the detail closely

News and opinion 15/06/2018

Damaging caps on visas have been lifted, now, attention must turn to ensure the health service receives the funds it needs along with bold action on social care.

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How to spend it: what to do with new NHS money

News and opinion 14/06/2018Nigel Edwards

With money for the NHS in the news, Nigel Edwards argues how it should be spent.

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Nuffield Trust and UCL come together to rapidly evaluate new ways of care

News and opinion 06/06/2018

The Rapid Service Evaluation Team (RSET) will evaluate new ways of providing and organising care.

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Joint letter to the Prime Minister on NHS funding

News and opinion 06/06/2018

A joint letter sent from the Nuffield Trust, The King's Fund and The Health Foundation outlining our perspectives ahead of further announcements expected on NHS funding.

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Nuffield Trust response to NHS financial figures

News and opinion 31/05/2018

Financial figures to the end of Quarter 4 for 2017/18 report a £960m deficit, however, the true underlying deficit is likely to be in the region of £4bn.

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Winter 2017/18: the worst ever for the NHS?

News and opinion 24/05/2018Dr Elizabeth Fisher | Leonora Merry

Long read: Whether the recent winter was the worst ever for the NHS in England has been asked a lot. Liz Fisher and Leonora Merry explore further.

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Funding adult social care: what can England learn from other countries?

Event 09/05/2018 • 09.15–10.45Natasha Curry | Jonathan McShane | José-Luis Fernández

A joint event by the All-Party Parliamentary Health Group and the Nuffield Trust.

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England could learn lessons from Japan to address social care crisis

News and opinion 09/05/2018

The Government can learn important lessons from the Japanese social care system in achieving public buy-in, an easy to navigate system and a strong focus on prevention of loneliness and ill health, experts suggest.

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