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Chart of the week: The knowns and unknowns of NHS Test and Trace

Data story 07/07/2020

Each week, we'll be taking a look at a different aspect of the Covid-19 pandemic, presenting our analysis in chart form to illustrate some key issues and invite discussion. This week, Billy Palmer looks at the available data on the NHS's much-discussed Test and Trace system – and finds this essent...

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Here to stay? How the NHS will have to learn to live with coronavirus

Briefing 02/06/2020

As the number of Covid-19 hospital admissions gradually declines, policy attention is turning to how the NHS can restart some more routine activities. But doing this while living alongside Covid-19 will involve major practical challenges that will need to be overcome. This new discussion paper by Ni...

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Analytical collaboration for Covid-19

Announcement 13/05/2020

We're working with the Health Foundation, The King’s Fund, the Strategy Unit and Imperial College Healthcare Partners to provide additional analytical support to the NHS nationally in its overall response to Covid-19.

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Measuring mortality during Covid-19: a Q&A

Blog post 05/05/2020Sarah Scobie

Sarah Scobie answers some key questions on how mortality figures are collected and measured during the Covid-19 crisis. How do the numbers relate to the daily figures reported, and are all the extra deaths due to the coronavirus? This explainer was originally published on 5 May, and was updated on 2...

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Identifying health care-related harm: from patient record reviews to artificial intelligence

Blog post 24/03/2020Dr Helen Hogan | Chris Sherlaw-Johnson

Hospitals always monitor the care they provide – keeping a close eye on any failures in care and creating action plans to reduce the chances of them happening again. Dr Helen Hogan and Chris Sherlaw-Johnson take a closer look at how efficient current processes are – and argue that advances in te...

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Defining and refining success: innovation in the NHS

Blog post 12/03/2020Rachel Hutchings

In our new report last week on the spread of new innovations in the NHS, we identified four key themes that innovators, potential adopters and policy-makers should keep in mind to achieve scale and spread across the health service. Here co-author Rachel Hutchings focuses on the first of those – de...

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Lessons from 40 years of health policy: keynote address by Nigel Edwards

Speech 05/03/2020Nigel Edwards

Nigel Edwards spoke at last week’s Nuffield Trust Summit, reflecting on lessons from 40 years of health policy. This is the transcript of his speech at that event.

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The Nuffield Trust Summit 2020


Our 12th annual Summit is now complete. Catch up on video highlights and interviews with some of the speakers here.

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Summit 2020 snapshot: Dr Nikki Kanani on primary care networks and reducing inequalities

Video 28/02/2020

Dr Nikki Kanani, GP and Medical Director of Primary Care, NHS England discusses the potential for primary care networks to transform the way populations receive care and reduce inqualities.

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Summit 2020 snapshot: Prof Ashish Jha on introducing ACOs in US health care and what this means for the UK system

Video 28/02/2020

Prof Ashish Jha, Faculty Director and Professor of Medicine, Harvard Global Health Institute, discusses the introduction of accountable care organisations into the US health system, the effects this …

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