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Numbers matter in prison

News and opinion 13/03/2018Dr Miranda Davies

At the start of a new project, Dr Miranda Davies looks at how prisoner and staff numbers impact on health and care, and explains what our new research will do.

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2018: What to look out for in health and social care

News and opinion 21/12/2017Nuffield Trust

With 2017 drawing to a close and the new year nearly upon us, for festive reading we asked 12 Nuffield Trust experts to each give a brief insight into what might happen in health and social care in 2018. So we’ve been making a list (and checking it twice) of what they told us. See you in the new y...

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Looking to the long term: the Japanese approach

News and opinion 27/11/2017Natasha Curry

Long read: Earlier this month, Natasha Curry and Sophie Castle-Clarke went to Japan to look at their social care system. Ahead of more work on it, a new long read from Natasha looks at the emphasis they place on prevention and long-term thinking, and why the UK should be wary of doi...

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Readmission rates: what can we learn from the Netherlands?

News and opinion 11/01/2017Femke van der Brug

As part of a research internship at the Nuffield Trust, Femke van der Brug compared hospital readmission rates in English hospitals to those in her native Netherlands, and made some striking findings.

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Understanding hip fracture: it’s not about bones

News and opinion 03/01/2017Dr Jenny Neuburger

The experiences of hip fracture patients tell us a lot about the quality and coordination of care for older people. Here Dr Jenny Neuburger outlines what research can tell us about hip fracture care, and what we still do not know.

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Using data to identify good-quality care for older people

Research 01/11/2016Chris Sherlaw-Johnson | Dr Alisha Davies | Claire Currie | Dr Tazeem Bhatia | Dr Elizabeth Fisher | Dr Martin Bardsley

This report describes the results of a pilot analysis of the effectiveness of using routine health care data to determine areas that have made quality improvements in the care of frail and older people over time.

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Monitoring quality of care: making the most of data

Event 01/11/2016 • 09.00–17.00Chris Sherlaw-Johnson | Dr Jenny Neuburger

This event brought together analysts, clinicians, managers and commissioners to create a learning environment with practical examples of how to make the most of data.

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‘Like a right arm to me’: the value of volunteers in supporting older people

News and opinion 17/10/2016Ruth Thorlby

Ruth Thorlby outlines findings of our recent report evaluating a seven 'social action' projects.

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Accessible summary: Evaluating Stroke Association Voluntary Groups

Media 29/09/2016

Stroke Association Voluntary Groups (SAVGs) are volunteer-led, peer support groups based in local communities across the UK. Through the support they offer, SAVGs aim to improve outcomes for stroke …

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Knowing you’re not alone: Understanding peer support for stroke survivors

Research 29/09/2016Holly Dorning | Dr Miranda Davies | Cono Ariti | Dr Kerry Allen | Theo Georghiou

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