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Chart of the week: The performance of NHS Test and Trace in its first year

Data story 11/06/2021

Each week we present analysis of data in chart form to illustrate some key issues and invite discussion. A year since the launch of NHS Test and Trace, Billy Palmer takes a closer look at the performance of the programme in its first 12 months.

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Evidence and science in health policy: Nigel Edwards Q&A

Blog post 09/03/2021Nigel Edwards

The past year has thrust the relationship between evidence and policy-making into the spotlight. With the subject under debate at this year’s Summit series, before the event we asked Nigel Edwards for his views on it. When are health policy-makers most and least likely to listen to the evidence an...

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How has Covid-19 changed the evaluation landscape?

Blog post 25/01/2021Nadia Crellin | John Appleby

The coronavirus has brought significant and speedy changes to how health care services are delivered. That has further highlighted the need for rapid evaluations, with evaluators under pressure to produce timely findings to support decisions. Ahead of this week’s rapid evaluation in health care co...

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