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Preparing for Brexit

Spotlight 23/11/2017

The Nuffield Trust has invited leaders from across health and social care in the UK to share what they are doing to prepare for Brexit.

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Spending on health: how does the UK compare internationally?

News And Opinion 04/08/2017John Appleby | Ben Gershlick

For years, international stats seemed to show the UK spending less of its national income on health care than other wealthy countries – but new figures show we may be keeping up with our peers after all. John Appleby has worked with Ben Gershlick of the Health Foundation to look at what this means...

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Brexit Breakfast: Regulation

Event 06/07/2017 • 08.30–10.30

The Nuffield Trust, in collaboration with MSD, is running a series of Brexit Breakfasts to discuss what the health and social care sector needs to survive and flourish as the UK leaves the European Union.

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Scotland's NHS has lessons for the rest of the UK

News And Opinion 05/07/2017

The unique strengths of Scotland's NHS, in particular the way it improves quality and safety, could be undermined by serious financial pressure over the next few years.

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Readmission rates: what can we learn from the Netherlands?

News And Opinion 11/01/2017Femke van der Brug

As part of a research internship at the Nuffield Trust, Femke van der Brug compared hospital readmission rates in English hospitals to those in her native Netherlands, and made some striking findings.

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Our response to Bengoa report into healthcare reform

News And Opinion 25/10/2016

Nigel Edwards comments on the Bengoa report into healthcare reform in Northern Ireland.

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NHS still affordable by 2030, experts conclude

News And Opinion 21/09/2016

Nuffield Trust Chief Economist John Appleby comments on new OBR projections, which show that health spending as a share of GDP could increase from 7.4 per cent now to 8.8 per cent in 2030.

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Accountable Care Organisations: The winners and losers

News And Opinion 07/09/2016Dr Ashish Jha

Dr Ashish Jha of Harvard Global Health offers a quick take on new evidence about wheteher Accountable Care Organisations in the United States can lower costs and improve quality.

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Large-scale general practice – can we rise to the challenge?

Event 23/06/2016 • 09.00–17.00Dr Rebecca Rosen | Helen Parker | Sharon Lamb | Stephanie Kumpunen

A primary care conference in collaboration with the Royal College of General Practitioners, NHS Alliance and the National Association of Primary Care.

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Why is it so hard to copy international best practice?

News And Opinion 11/05/2016Nigel Edwards

Nigel Edwards reflects on why adapting and replicating international care models is never quite as easy as it seems.

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