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Will co-commissioning deliver on its promises?

Blog post 01/04/2015Holly Holder

As NHS England and CCGs launch primary co-commissioning, Holly Holder examines what our research tells us about the scheme's chances of success.

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Primary care co-commissioning: a survey of members’ views of their CCG and its role in primary care

Report 01/04/2015Ruth Robertson | Holly Holder | Natasha Curry | Shilpa Ross | Chris Naylor

This slide deck presents the third year of results from an annual survey with six CCGs.

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Presentation - Primary care co-commissioning: a survey of members’ views of their CCG and its role in primary care

Presentation 31/03/2015

Since their formation in 2012, Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) have already faced formidable challenges, tasked with managing substantial commissioning budgets amid increasing financial …

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Clare Marx: Is a postcode lottery in health justified?

Presentation 03/03/2015

In this slideshow, Clare Marx, President at the Royal College of Surgeons presents on some of the context around the debate on rationing and considers whether local variation in health services is …

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Rationing in the NHS

Briefing 19/02/2015

Our second policy briefing in the run up to the General Election 2015 provides an overview of the current difficulties in making decisions about rationing healthcare in England.

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‘Messy’ approach to rationing healthcare losing legitimacy: New Nuffield Trust analysis

Press release 19/02/2015

Growing financial pressure on the NHS is exposing a lack of legitimacy in the way many decisions about rationing healthcare in England are made, according to the Nuffield Trust.

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Is a 'postcode lottery' in health justified?

Conference/seminar 19/02/2015 • 16.00–18.00Ben Page | Clare Marx CBE DL PRCS | Dr David Jenner | Professor Karol Sikora

This event was a lively, interactive debate, shining a light on 'rationing' challenges and discussing how best to make these priority-setting decisions within a tax funded and constrained budget.

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Rationing: An unhelpful term for the broader issue of prioritisation

Blog post 18/02/2015Dr Steve Kell OBE

Steve Kell argues that while rationing may be a new term, prioritisation is not, and CCGs offer a vital new perspective in making rationing decisions for their local populations.

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MPs will always be part of the rationing equation

Blog post 18/02/2015Mike Birtwistle

Rationing is the price we pay for a publicly funded health system, argues Mike Birtwistle. NHS organisations will need to be prepared to defend their decisions.

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Parliamentary briefing: building sustainable GP services

Briefing 05/02/2015

This short briefing examines funding and workforce difficulties in general practice.

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