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Tim Kelsey: The benefits of linking person level data

Video 30/06/2014

In this video interview,  Tim Kelse y , National Director for Patients and Information, NHS England, describes the benefits of linking person level data at the population level and how we can ensure …

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Liam Smeeth: Increasing the availability of person level data

Video 30/06/2014

In this video, Professor Liam Smeeth, Deputy Director and Head of Department of Non-Communicable Disease Epidemiology, The Farr Institute and the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine; …

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Ensuring confidentiality is not infringed by linking data

Video 30/06/2014

In this video, we ask  Tim Kelsey , NHS England;  Bethan George , Tower Hamlets Clinical Commissioning Group; and  Professor Liam Smeeth , London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, about how we …

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Predictive Risk 2014

Conference/seminar 30/06/2014 • 10.00–17.00

The Nuffield Trust’s fifth annual Predictive Risk conference looked to broaden the debate beyond risk models and how they are applied, to wider questions around using information tools that rely on linked data to look at patient care over time.

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A decade of austerity in Wales? The funding pressures facing the NHS in Wales to 2025/26

Report 17/06/2014Adam Roberts | Anita Charlesworth

This report explores rising cost pressures on the NHS in Wales, and options for reducing the funding gap.

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Use of health and social care by people with cancer

Report 02/06/2014Xavier Chitnis | Dr Adam Steventon | Dr Adam Glaser | Dr Martin Bardsley

This report presents the results of our study into the primary, secondary and social care use of people diagnosed with cancer.

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Social care and cancer: tracking care across service boundaries

Blog post 02/06/2014Dr Adam Glaser

Dr Adam Glaser explores a recently published Nuffield Trust report on the routes that cancer patients take through the care system.

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Martin Bardsley: Analysis of virtual wards

Presentation 14/04/2014

In this slideshow,  Dr Martin Bardsley , Director of Research, Nuffield Trust, describes our recent analysis into the  effectiveness of virtual wards . Dr Bardsley presented the findings in at a …

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I have to readmit – it’s getting better

Blog post 07/04/2014Aileen Clarke

The common view of hospital readmissions for emergency care is that they are preventable by a better standard of care; however the reality is more complex.

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Classifying emergency 30-day readmissions in England using routine hospital data 2004–2010: what is the scope for reduction?

Journal article 26/03/2014

Many health systems across the globe have introduced arrangements to deny payment for patients readmitted to hospital as an emergency. The purpose of this study was to develop an exploratory categorisation based on likely causes of readmission, and then to assess the prevalence of these different ty...

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