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Can telehealth reduce demand on GPs?

Blog post 28/10/2013Dr Martin Bardsley

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Refining the case finding model

Blog post 27/08/2013Dr Martin Bardsley

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Choosing a model to predict hospital admission: an observational study of new variants of predictive models for case finding

Journal article 26/08/2013

This paper describes a new predictive model, developed by the Nuffield Trust, that could help commissioners and providers to refine the ways they use risk stratification and case finding tools.

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Adam Steventon: The effect of telephone health coaching

Video 07/08/2013

In this video,  Adam Steventon , Senior Research Analyst, Nuffield Trust, outlines the key findings and lessons identified from an evaluation of Birmingham OwnHealth®, a telephone health coaching …

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Predictive risk: an idea whose time has come?

Blog post 29/07/2013Lyn Whitfield

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Applying predictive risk modelling in practice

Video 08/07/2013

This video presents the highlights from our  fourth annual predictive risk conference , which explored the application of predictive risk modelling and evaluations of community-based interventions. …

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Holly Holder & Ian Blunt: Integrated care pilot evaluation

Presentation 08/07/2013

In this slideshow,  Holly Holder , Fellow in Health Policy and  Ian Blunt , Senior Research Analyst at the Nuffield Trust present the first year evaluation findings of the North West London integrate…

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