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Andy Cowper

Guest EditorHealth Policy Insight

Andy is the Editor of Health Policy Insight.

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Fronting up to the problems: what can be done to improve the wellbeing of NHS staff?

Long read 12/07/2022Nigel Edwards | Andy Cowper

The NHS is not in a place where it can lose staff, but many workers in the health service have faced almost unimaginable difficulties during the pandemic. How worried should we be about NHS staff health and wellbeing? Nigel Edwards and Andy Cowper look at how bad the situation is and what can be don...

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Protocol politics mean hard times ahead for health in Northern Ireland

Blog post 06/07/2022Mark Dayan | Professor Tamara Hervey | Mark Flear | Holly Jarman | Martha McCarey | Nick Fahy | Prof Scott L Greer

We recently held a roundtable with leaders and health experts in Northern Ireland about how they are seeing the UK’s departure from the EU play out for health. We heard of several serious issues that could lead to a further deterioration in relationships among stakeholders and government officials...

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Mark Flear

Reader, School of LawQueen’s University Belfast

Mark is a Reader at the School of Law of Queen’s University Belfast.

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Cyril Lobont

Staff Research AssistantNuffield Trust

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A new NHS reorganisation: will it work this time?

Blog post 01/07/2022Mark Dayan | Camille Oung | Sarah Reed

From today, integrated care boards take statutory control over a budget of tens of billions of pounds. It marks the biggest legislative restructure of the NHS in England for 10 years, but is the latest in a long line of attempts across the UK to make health and care services work together better. Wi...

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