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Rapid Evaluation in Health Care 2022

Conference/seminar 25/01/2022 – 26/01/2022 • 09.30–12.15

Join us at the Rapid Evaluation in Health Care Conference 2022!

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Social care white paper an important step but must be financially backed to pull care sector back from the brink

Press release 01/12/2021Nuffield Trust

Natasha Curry responds to the government's white paper for social care reform.

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Through a glass darkly: the unseen crisis in home care

Blog post 01/12/2021Camille Oung

While pressures on the NHS continue to dominate headlines, a quiet crisis has been unfolding in the home care sector. Camille Oung describes how the system is likely to reach breaking point this winter, unless urgent action is taken.

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Invisible crisis in home care unfolding as social care sector loses up to 50,000 staff in lead up to winter months

Press release 01/12/2021

Our analysis reveals that the social care sector in England may have lost up to 50,000 workers across all providers of care, heaping pressure onto burnt out existing staff and restricting access to care in the leadup to a very challenging winter.

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Nuffield Trust: NHS will have to work harder than ever to clear momentous care backlog

Press release 01/12/2021

John Appleby responds to the National Audit Office report on NHS backlogs and waiting times in England.

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Chart of the week: The tumbling numbers of social care staff

Data story 01/12/2021

Each week we present analysis of data in chart form to illustrate some key issues and invite discussion. The care sector has long struggled to recruit and retain staff, but new statistics reveal more about the depth of the workforce crisis in social care right now. Billy Palmer looks at the change i...

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Confidence and trust in clinicians

Indicator 25/11/2021

We look at how confidence and trust in clinicians has changed over time.

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