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Health Policy Summit 2019

Summit 28/02/2019

Our annual Health Policy Summit, now in its eleventh year, will be held on 28 February and 1 March 2019 at Beaumont Estate Hotel in Windsor. 

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Lessons from history for the NHS 10 year plan

Event 16/10/2018 • 18.00–20.00

Since 2000 the NHS in England has seen at least six major national plans, accompanied by at least ten reorganisations at various levels. With a new plan now being written that aims to last until 2028, backed by tens of billions in extra funding, there are high stakes in getting it right this time. J...

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Working across boundaries: realising the vision of integrated care

News and opinion 20/09/2018Helen Buckingham | Natasha Curry

Long read: Following a roundtable event, Helen Buckingham and Natasha Curry explore what might be standing in the way of integrated care, and argue what could be done about it.

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What is the ethnicity pay gap among NHS doctors?

News and opinion 17/09/2018John Appleby

Following on from our work showing an overall gender pay gap in favour of men in the English NHS, John Appleby looks at how the pay of doctors in the health service varies by ethnic group.

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Caring for acute medical patients in smaller hospitals

News and opinion 13/09/2018Candace Imison

Candace Imison argues the case for closer alignment between the needs of patients and clinical skill mix at a whole hospital level.

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NHS system capacity

News and opinion 13/09/2018Jessica Morris

A health system that is working close to or at full capacity is a strong indicator of a system that is under significant pressure, here we review of some of the NHS’s key system capacity indicators.

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Combined Performance Summary: July - August 2018

News and opinion 13/09/2018Jessica Morris

Our round up of the latest key NHS performance data.

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Acute medical care in England: Findings from a survey of smaller acute hospitals

Research 13/09/2018Candace Imison | Louella Vaughan

This profile of smaller hospitals in England finds trusts struggling to recruit and retain acute medical staff. Services across the country are configured in a wide variety of ways, with little evidence of an 'ideal' model for acute medical care emerging from our research.

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