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Dr Naomi Fulop

Professor of Health Care Organisation & ManagementUCL

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Steven Towndrow

Patient and Public Involvement LeadBarts Health NHS Trust

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Nigel Edwards responds to the Public Accounts Committee waiting times report

Press release 12/06/2019

Nigel Edwards says it's all well and good for different parts of Government to demand things of each other, but without enough staff and beds the NHS won’t be meeting the old or new targets any time soon.

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Friday FAQs: Kate Jarman

Blog post 07/06/2019Kate Jarman

For this week's FAQ we spoke to Kate Jarman, Director of Corporate Affairs at Milton Keynes University Hospital. Kate is also the co-founder of FlexNHS, a support and resource network to promote and enable flexible working in the NHS.

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Could the NHS be the price of a US trade deal?

Blog post 06/06/2019Mark Dayan

After President Donald Trump told a press conference in London this week that the NHS could form part of a future trade deal between the UK and the United States, Mark Dayan looks at whether we really have cause for worry.

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Kate Jarman

Guest Director of Corporate AffairsMilton Keynes University Hospital

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Developing primary care networks: mapping the challenges and solutions

Conference/seminar 04/06/2019 • 10.00–16.00

This Nuffield Trust workshop will help primary care network leads and commissioners develop their primary care networks through an interactive exchange of ideas, peer support and external challenge.

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Immigration and Social Security Co-ordination (EU Withdrawal) Bill

Briefing 02/06/2019

This briefing examines the potential impact of the Immigration Bill on the NHS and social care.

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