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Nuffield Trust response to latest ONS mortality statistics

Press release 12/01/2021

Sarah Scobie responds to the weekly mortality stats from the Office for National Statistics for the week ending 1 January 2021.

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What should we expect for medical supplies in 2021?

Blog post 30/12/2020Martha McCarey

Martha McCarey follows on from our recent report on the impact of Brexit on health in the UK by assessing what we should now look out for on medical products. This blog was originally published on 30 December, and has been updated to reflect that the UK has now left the EU single market.

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Brexit deal reduces uncertainty for health and care but major difficulties remain

Press release 24/12/2020

Mark Dayan comments on the UK and EU trade deal and its impact on the NHS.

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What should shape the expansion of multi-professional teamwork in general practice?

Blog post 23/12/2020Dr Rebecca Rosen | Professor Martin Marshall

While teamwork in general practice between different medical professionals has been the norm for many years, there are questions on how everyone can best work together. A blog from Rebecca Rosen and Professor Martin Marshall highlights the key issues for consideration to shape a growth in teamwork.

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Addressing the practical challenges of multidisciplinary teamwork in primary care

Blog post 23/12/2020Dr Simona Baracaia

Alongside our blog on the issues to consider while expanding multi-professional teamwork in general practice, public health registrar Dr Simona Baracaia examines the practical challenges of introducing different roles into primary care.

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Chart of the week: From horribilis in 2020 to mirabilis in 2021?

Data story 23/12/2020

Each week we present analysis of data in chart form to illustrate some key issues and invite discussion. In our final chart of this year, we use Google Trends data to take a light-hearted look at what's been occupying us during 2020 – finding that the coronavirus has dominated our internet search...

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