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The Nuffield Trust Summit 2020


Our Twelfth annual Summit will be held on the 27th and 28th February 2020 at Beaumont Estate Hotel in Windsor.

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Patients are finding it harder and harder to see their preferred GP – does it matter?

Blog post 23/07/2019Dr Charlotte Paddison

With fewer people able to see their preferred GP according to a recent survey, Charlotte Paddison explores what impact seeing the same doctor can have on a patient’s health – and what it might mean for the NHS.

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How can the English NHS attract and keep more of the international nurses it needs?

Blog post 19/07/2019Claudia Leone

With the numbers of nurses joining the English NHS from elsewhere in the European Union decreasing, Claudia Leone takes a closer look at the current problems and suggests what can be done to help reverse the trend.

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Confidence and trust in clinicians

Indicator 18/07/2019

We look at how confidence and trust in clinicians has changed over time.

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