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Placed at a premium? The use of recruitment and retention pay supplements to address staffing shortfalls

Report 01/06/2022Lucina Rolewicz | Billy Palmer

Regional variation in NHS staffing levels can lead to inequalities in health outcomes, care quality and people’s ability to access services. Our new analysis explores supplementary payments (also known as recruitment and retention premia), which have been used by NHS organisations across England o...

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NHS patients are more likely to die – it is right to ask why

Blog post 06/05/2022Mark Dayan

Last week a think-tank report drew newspaper headlines with the claim that the NHS ranked second from bottom across "a series of major health outcomes" compared with other international systems. Does the NHS really perform so badly internationally, and is there a real problem with our health outcome...

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Party politics and attitudes towards the NHS

Blog post 05/05/2022John Appleby | Laura Schlepper

The Nuffield Trust and The King's Fund's analysis of the latest NatCen British Social Attitudes survey found that overall public satisfaction with the NHS had plummeted to just 36 per cent. Health is a highly politicised issue in the UK, so how does that picture look when broken down by party-politi...

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Offering tax breaks for private treatment: not an effective policy to deal with the waiting list

Blog post 11/04/2022Nigel Edwards

With record numbers on waiting lists, the idea has been raised of offering tax breaks to people who opt for private treatment, to help create more capacity in the NHS. Nigel Edwards explains why this won’t solve the problem. The blog was originally published in the BMJ on 5 April.

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Public satisfaction with the NHS and social care in 2021: Results from the British Social Attitudes survey

Report 30/03/2022Dan Wellings | Danielle Jefferies | David Maguire | John Appleby | Nina Hemmings | Jessica Morris | Laura Schlepper

Analysis of NatCen's 2021 British Social Attitudes survey by Nuffield Trust and The King's Fund shows a huge and unprecedented drop in public satisfaction with the NHS and its individual services, despite widespread support for the fundamental principles of the health service. So what's driving this...

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Has Brexit created opportunities for health and care in the UK?

Video 29/03/2022

Brexit has created some barriers for the goods and people contributing to health in the UK. But what about the opportunities? Is there a flipside of freedoms to create rules and regulations to …

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What impact have five years of Brexit had on health and care in the UK?

Video 29/03/2022

Ever since the campaigns before a referendum was even held, there has been huge debate and concern over what effect Brexit would have on the NHS and care system. So, what has the reality been? Five …

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Health system recovery from Covid-19: International lessons for the NHS

Report 02/03/2022Sarah Reed | Laura Schlepper | Nigel Edwards

The challenges confronting the NHS in recovering from the pandemic are huge, with elective services that were scaled down during the worst of the crisis now with waiting lists of over 6 million patients. Yet worldwide, the pandemic has left even the most well-equipped health systems vulnerable. What...

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Going it alone: health and Brexit in the UK

Report 20/12/2021Mark Dayan | Martha McCarey | Professor Tamara Hervey | Nick Fahy | Prof Scott L Greer | Holly Jarman | Ellen Stewart | Dan Bristow

After nearly a year out of the Single Market and Customs Union, Brexit is still fuelling uncertainty in many aspects of health and social care. This report looks at six key areas that are being impacted, what has already happened and what NHS, government and business figures expect for the future.

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Health spending during Covid-19: how does the UK compare?

Blog post 02/11/2021Sarah Reed | Laura Schlepper | John Appleby

Sarah Reed, Laura Schlepper and John Appleby analyse how health spending has changed across different countries in response to the pandemic, and assess why the UK may have spent more comparatively.

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