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Private appointments are no solution to the GP crisis

Comment 14/02/2017Dr Rebecca Rosen

Dr Rebecca Rosen responds to news that a GP practice in Dorset is selling private appointments.

Arvind Madan: The Hurley Group story

Presentation 23/01/2017

In this slideshow, Dr Arvind Madan, Partner and CEO of the Hurley Group, discusses growth to make a difference in general practice in London. Dr Madan presented at the event  Transforming …

Why extending GP hours won’t solve the A&E crisis

Comment 16/01/2017Dr Rebecca Rosen

Dr Rebecca Rosen examines why extending GP opening hours might actually worsen the winter crisis currently facing A&E.

How 'thinking like a patient' helped us get our patients onl...

Comment 18/11/2016Dr Aumran Tahir

Dr Aumran Tahir, Founder of GP Collaboration AT Medics, reflects on the culture change they embarked on in order to get their patients using online bookings and other services.

Digital technology can transform patients’ lives, but impa...

Press release 16/11/2016

Digital technology for patients and staff in primary care is one of the brightest hopes on the NHS horizon – but the impact of this new digital capability is far from certain.

A look at the facts: can large-scale general practice delive...

Comment 05/09/2016Dr Luisa Pettigrew | Professor Nicholas Mays

NHS England is signalling more than ever that large-scale general practice organisations should form a core part of new care models emerging in the health service. Following a review of the literature, Luisa Pettigrew and Nicholas Mays examine the evidence that these organisations can actually deliv...

The digital revolution in asthma care

Comment 17/08/2016Kay Boycott

Kay Boycott, Chief Executive of Asthma UK, outlines why technological transformation is needed in asthma care, and how it is already well underway.

Lessons from large-scale general practice

Audio 03/08/2016

Ben Gowland, Director of Ockham Healthcare, talks to our Senior Research Fellow, Dr Rebecca Rosen, who co-wrote “Is Bigger Better? Lessons for large-scale general practice”. The two discuss the …

Large-scale can help general practice weather the storm

Comment 26/07/2016Dr Rebecca Rosen

Rebecca Rosen outlines why mixed quality results from our recent research into large-scale general practice should not deter organisations from collaborating - since scale offers other vital benefits.

My journey from single-handed practice to super-partnership

Comment 21/07/2016Dr Vidhu Mayor

Dr Vidhu Mayor reflects on the lessons he has learnt during his journey to joining Modality - a super-partnership of general practices in Birmingham.