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ISO what? Keeping research data safe

Comment 24/11/2016Dr Miranda Davies

Access to patient data is integral to the Nuffield Trust's research. But with data sharing a highly contentious issue in recent years, it's important that stringent measures are taken to protect the privacy of the public. Here Dr Miranda Davies outlines what data security means for both patients and...

Making the most of clinical data

Comment 15/11/2016Dr Jenny Neuburger

Following our data conference, Jenny Neuburger unpacks some of the opportunities and pitfalls of using routine clinical data to monitor quailty of care.

Ensuring success for the new models of care: recent experien...

Conference/Seminar 08/11/2016 • 08.30–10.30

This breakfast seminar focused on raising important questions about the challenges faced, and early progress of these new care initiatives, identifying the emerging learning that can be drawn for the next generation of care models.

Providing actionable healthcare analytics at scale: A perspe...

Presentation 01/11/2016

Benjamin Bray, Research Director and the Sentinel Stroke National Audit Programme, presents at the Monitoring quality of care conference about stroke care analytics.

Monitoring quality of care: making the most of data

Conference/Seminar 01/11/2016 • 09.00–17.00Chris Sherlaw-Johnson | Dr Jenny Neuburger

This event brought together analysts, clinicians, managers and commissioners to create a learning environment with practical examples of how to make the most of data.

Monitoring quality of care: making the most of data

Presentation 01/11/2016

Chris Sherlaw-Johnson, Senior Research Analyst at the Nuffield Trust, introduced the Monitoring quality of care conference and gives an overview of some of the approaches that we've been using at the …

Providing actionable healthcare analytics at scale: Insights...

Presentation 01/11/2016

Christopher Boulton, Falls and Fragility Fracture Audit Programme Manager at the Royal College of Physicians and Rob Wakeman, Clinical Lead for Orthopaedic Surgery at the National Hip Fracture …

Providing actionable healthcare analytics at scale: Understa...

Presentation 01/11/2016

Thomas Woodcock, Improvement Science Fellow at Imperial College London, talks about the various measurement approaches and processes when working at large scale to assess care quality improvements.

Local and national uses of data

Presentation 01/11/2016

Ramani Moonesinghe, Associate National Clinical Director for Elective Care at NHS England, discusses the use of data for monitoring care quality at various levels within the system.

Applied use of CUSUMs in surveillance

Presentation 01/11/2016

Paul Aylin, Co-Director of the Dr Foster Unit at Imperial College London, gives concrete examples of using a specific statistical model for monitoring care quality, cumulative sum (CUSUM).